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The Black Canary

Successful negotiations by the Regulators with a local band of pirates led to the purchase of one of the largest, most extensively armed spanish galleons to ever sale the seas along with a crew of over two hundred.  It was proudly renamed "The Black Canary".

After stepping onto the Black Canary for the first time to supervise the sea trials after its extensive restoration and refit, Lamb became inspired by the discipline of the crew.  He set his sights on learning everything there is to know about sailing such an enormous water craft and joined the deck crew with the ambition of one day working his way up to being captain of the ship.

The Black Canary was first used by the regulators to sail from their home island of Bang Bang to the capital Cen Tea Ven so that they could explore their new-found wealth from the pillaging of Mont Azul.

After returning from the realm of Neverbinia, the Regulators re-grouped on the deck of the Black Canary minus Mescaline who remains missing in Limbo.