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Neverbina is the most remote outpost of the feywild, it is situated in an altogether different realm. It is nothing like any place you would have ever seen or heard of before. It is a small corner of a much bigger land, inhabited primarily by BNSFGs. Big, not so friendly, giants. BNSFGs are far scarier than any goblin, troll or demon, however, they only come out during the day. The people of Neverbinia live out a nocturnal life, while the BSNFGs sleep. We rest and stay out of sight during the day.

Neverbinia became colonized by fey creatures after a small leak in the barrier between the plane of the feywild and the plane of the BNSFGs. The leak enchanted a tree, a giant fig. It grew to become one of the biggest trees ever seen and it spread its enchantment throughout Neverbinia. The fairies settled there first, making the giant fig their home and slowly building a kingdom over a few hundred years. Other fey creatures followed and a mysterious new realm of the fey became a reality.

Notable Locations within Neverbinia

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