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Lady Antoinette Estella Durack

A creature of the Feywild, Lady Antoinette is a member of the House of Durack, A noble family renown in the Kingdom and a distant branch of the House of Tanami, a royal family in the realm of Neverbinia. While existing in the realm of the Kingdom, the Duracks take the form of Elves.

Lady Antoinette is young for an elf and has just entered her rebellious years. Instead of moving abroad to take her studies further, as her parents would have wished, she moved to the pirate island of Bang Bang to seek adventure.

Once in Bang Bang she met up with Lamb, Haroldo, Mescaline and Crabs. This crew of five eventually formed her very first adventuring party.

After the massacare at Mont Azul, Lady Antoinette got heavily intoxicated one night at one of The Dirty Uncles' gigs and awoke the next day to find a ring on her finger and a marriage certificate. For a moment she was overwhelmed with shock and began searching her hotel room for the mysterious man named as her husband on the certificate, only to find a corresponding certificate of annulment to that same man in a pool of vomit on the floor of the bathroom.

Antoinette felt abandoned and it resurfaced some of her deep seated father/daughter issues. In an attempt to repress them she formed and trained an extensive paramilitary force tasked with guarding the Regulator's Mountain Vault full of the loot they pillaged from Mont Azul.  Her small army is known as the Depth's Watch.