Tip: Tiffany's Neverbinia Survival Instructions

Tiffany's Instructions:

"Travelling to Neverbina is not for the feint of heartSome people just don't have the stomach for itThere is some critical information you should know before you set out on this questFirst you must snort some of my fairy dustThis will dislodge you from your place in this realmThen, to get to Neverbinia you must enter the fey crossing i've temporarily bridged, by crawling (into the wardrobe/under the bed)."

When you get there, you will be seriously disoriented since your bodies are not used to traveling between realmsWhat time it will be when you get there, or where you arrive will be uncertain since your journey will be very different to mine and I can not control it.

As soon as you arrive, if it is day time, you must seek the dark shadows so as to not catch the eyes of the BNSFGs and wait till night. If it is night, you may be safer from the giants, but be wary of goblin patrolsIt may also be very cold so you will need to find shelter quickly.

If you are traveling on foot, look low on the horizon for a green lightA green light at night is a sign of a "safe tree"A safe tree is where you will want to hole up until I can find you on the other sideThe tree keeper will take you in if you pass a simple test.

To pass this test, speak the key word "bite", if the person you speak to replies with the key word "chew", there is a good chance that they are part of the resistanceMention that you are on royal assignment for Princess Tiffany, and you should get access to the safe tree, away from the prying eyes of BNSFGs and goblinsOnce there, lay low and get rest until I find you or you receive word from me.

Understand?  I know thats a lot to throw at you, but this will be one hell of a hectic journey and you must be prepared.   Quick, if you're coming, you must come now, we surely don't have much time."