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1. Adventure: Mont-Azul

Or should it be called "Wedding of Haroldo and Brinnia"?  I dunno.

Adventuring batchelor Haroldo decided to marry Brinnia. The wedding was to be held at Mont Azül, under the phosphoric glow of the brewery mountain. Durack and the boys caught a carriage from Bang Bang after receiving notice that Lamb would not be able to attend the event. Due to some truly intimidating words, Mesc convinced the carriage driver to take a short cut, getting into town a night early.

The group spent the evening at the Velvet Kitten, a steamy club full of hot Mont Azül tail. Crabs did a backflip and impressed chicks. This event is now legendary.

The next day at the wedding, things went wrong. The ceremony was ambushed by bandits, who slayed everyone present. The only survivors (suprise!) were our team and Brinnia, who was kidnapped. Unable to catch the kidnappers, the group fell down a rocky embankment and were pretty lame.

However, with keen tracking skills, the adventurers spotted a smoke plume in dense forest. Before they could get close enough, they were again ambushed, this time by bugs. Easy work this time.

The source of the smoke was a campfire where a caravan was parked in a clearing. A beast was harnessed to the caravan, doubling as a guard-dog. After scouting the scene from the shadows, Durack kicked proceedings off by shooting her waterskin into the fire via bow and arrow, extinguishing the flames. The group was spotted by the mongrel-man who owned the caravan when he came out to investigate. Clumsy.

Some serious charisma earned the mongrel-man's trust, and he invited the group into his caravan to lay eyes on his hideous wife and discuss the kidnapping. These travelers were not the kidnapping bandits. The mongrel-man explained that the townsfolk of Mont Azül were "loco mofos", and the weddings were often used as a scam to kill foreigners and acquire their possessions. This pissed off Haroldo, and he led his friends back to town to confront the Mayor and seek bloody vengeance.  They persuaded the mongrel-man to loan them his beast. 

The town guard caught the group as they tried to sneak back into Mont Azül. An audience with the Mayor was bargained, and the angry party was escorted to his bed-chambers. Some gelatinous cubes attacked when they entered the room, which preoccupied Crabs, Durack and Mesc while Haroldo busted in on the curtain-concealed bed. To his shock, the Mayor, Brinnia and Lamb were on the bed, amidst a drug fueled food and flesh orgy. Haroldo attacked the Mayor while Mesc unsuccessfully tried to splash the cubes by firing arrows into pools of water. Durack was knocked unconscious after fighting valliantly. Crabs did a multi-backflip attack and to finish the Mayor.

When the crew escaped from the Mayor's house with an unconscious Brinnia and Lamb, the townsfolk surrounded them and confronted them with arms. It was a long and exhausting battle, but in the end our heroes prevailed.

The town was massacred in justice of the wedding massacre.

  • Had to kill the entire population of Mont Azül.
    - Might be hunted by war-crimes tribunal for genocide. 

  • Crabs got some action.
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